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These are the cemeteries we did not find back in any lists but that were found back in other ways, such as the inventory books at the RAM.  If there’s still some contradictions in this information they are parked here before they are added definitively.


You need to know that :

Gemeinde Friedhof = Communal churchyard or cemetery

Militär Friedhof or Ehrenfriedhof = Military cemetery

Gelände Grab = Field grave 

Gelände Gräber = Field graves


Aalbeke – Gemeinde Friedhof – 1 burial – no further information – urial book at the RAM

Booitshoeke – Soldatenfriedhof – 19 burials – no further information – burial book at the RAM

Dendermonde – Ehrenfriedhof – burial list from nr 173 to 406 and L1 to L30, the burial book at the RAM from 1928 also mentioned that 9 graves were not found back

Grimbergen – Ehrenfriedhof – It seems it had originally 135 burials, of which 10 had been exhumed on the moment this undated list was made (not known if these were Germans that were repatriated or Allied burials). We also do need to mention that one burial was a Belgian and one Russian was among these as well (Chalilow), so 123 burials were still there from the German side.
The Russian burial, Chapa Chalilow, is now buried at Vladslo at 4/177 and seems to have died on 7 January 1918.
Many of the men on this list have been buried at Vladslo as well, but many of them have no known grave. It could be possible they ended up at Langemark.
However the story of Grimbergen cemetery is much more interesting as it was one of the concentration burial sites.
We found buried here burials coming from Berchem, Melden, Nieuwkerke, Munte, Merelbeke, Edelare, Schelderode, Vurste, Semmersake, Volkegem, Ename, Gavere, Mater, Welden, Neder-Ename, Michelbeke.

Keiem an der Kirche – 10 burials – no further information, burial book is at the RAM

Kemmel French Cemetery 1 – 11 plus 42 burials, total 53 – no further information, burial book at the RAM

Komen – Ehrenfriedhof 68 – burial book at the RAM is from 1934 – there are 51 blocs at the cemetery but apparently they contain 133 burials

Komen – De Voorstraat Cabaret nr 50 and 75 – 17 and 2 burials – no further information – burial book at the RAM

Kortrijk La Madeleine – 1 burial – no further information, burial book at the RAM

Langemark Ehrenfriedhof no 124 Jean Bart House New German Cemetery.
Although a map at the RAM mentioned the number 124, this has to be No 125.  There were 39 burials that were moved to Langemark Nord.
It was along the Pottestraat.

Lebbeke – Gemeinde Friedhof – 3 burials – moved to Appels near Dendermonde – burial book at the RAM

Scan_20171022 (11).jpg
Drawing of the Lebbeke cemetery, showing 11 burials… (Source : RAM)

Leke – Militärfriedhof – 27 burials – no further information – burial book at the RAM

Merkem – Bestburg – 38 burials – Transfer to Melaenedreef 5 – Langemark Nord – burial book at the RAM is dated 2/7/1920

Neuve Eglise – Westhof Farm Cemetery – 5 burials – book at the RAM is dated 30/11/1929

Nieuwkerke – 2 unknowns – moved to Grimbergen

Geluveld-Wervik near Nachtegaal Hedwigshof Friedhof – no details known


Special burial books found :


Burial book of Gelände Gräber near Ypres, northern region at the RAM – 459 burials

Burial book of the Gelände Gräber southeast of Ypres, at the RAM – 753 burials



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