A new project

In the time to come we will add the names of all known German cemeteries that existed in Belgium after the Great War.  This will be done by province as it was originally done in a number of inventories by the Belgian and German authorities, with additional information that I was able to find out in various Belgian, British, French and of course German archives.

So far, nobody has ever tried to make a real list of the German cemeteries, partially because this is almost impossible, partially because everybody was convinced that the material was lost.

Fact is, and this may sound curious, that most nationalities were not interested in the war graves, as there were other priorities for many of them.  The Commonwealth was an exception in this.

By the time other nationalities started to make inventories, much information was already lost.  We are talking of the period 1922-1923, 1925 and even the 1930’s.

For the Germans it was even more difficult, as they had to ask permission to be able to do anything on the matter in for example Belgium, but also other countries.

What was even more, there was no maintenance done, and in some cases many names could not more be read on the mostly wooden crosses, or only partially, mistakes were made in identification, dates, etc.

It should not surprise us that due to this, some 13000 war graves are lost in Belgium.

This is a first effort to show how many German burials sites/cemeteries existed after WW I and what happened with them in many cases.  However concerning a large part of them there’s no information at all.

First we will show by (the old Belgian) province which ones were taken away during the Interbellum.  After that a national list will follow of those that remained just before WW II in Belgium.  These ones were most of the time taken away as well in the period 1955-1957, mostly to the big ones at Menen, Vladslo and Langemark, but there are exceptions as we will see.

leffinge possibly

If you have any additional information on these cemeteries please contact us !